Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Great Sand Dunes National Park

This weekend I drove just a couple hours southwest of Pueblo to the Great Sand Dunes National Park. I knew the park was a smaller one, and I figured I would not need more than one day to see all there was to see. Once I got there I realized it was even smaller than I thought and it only took me a couple hours to see the whole park. It was nothing like the sand dunes at the Mojave National Preserve that I hiked. There were a lot more people and it was much closer to "civilization." I hiked a couple of smaller trails, but did not go to the top of the dunes due to not being dressed right (there was a large muddy area to cross made by a stream of run-off from the mountains nearby and I had on hiking boots and jeans) and I was a little deterred by all the people. When I go on trails I like the seclusion...
Got some good distance shots though...

On Sunday, I did another new hike in Cheyenne Canyon to the top of Mt. Cutler.  On the hike there was a view from above of Seven Falls (one of the places that I went last weekend.) Its so interesting how from the bottom of the falls they looked HUGE. Then, from this view point they looked tinny tiny. :)
Yep. Seven falls is at the bottom left corner of the first picture.

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