Sunday, June 26, 2016

Up To My Old Tricks

Hey all!! It's been a while... Hello again!!
Since I wrote last I bought and settled into a new home in Deerfield Beach. That was an adventure all of its own.
However, after being in Florida and "settled" for over two years I started to get the travel bug. I decided to get my Colorado license and check out the opportunities in the area. I ended up landing a job in Pueblo, CO which is about 40 minutes south of Colorado Springs. It was hard to say goodbye, but I was excited to see what was in store.

My plan was to head north and see my friends Kathrine and Coralie at Kathrine's house in Kentucky. I had an amazing time catching up on all the latest with them and exploring Lexington a bit. We went to the Lexington Horse Park where we saw a horse show and got to meet, "Won the West", an old racing horse who won many notable races.

Later that evening Kathrine and Ken had a fun summer solstice party with yummy food and fun games.

 It was the perfect place to spend the half way mark of my trip. I spent the next couple of days driving straight west to Colorado.
When I arrived I was welcomed by Laura and her husband, Alan, who are graciously letting me stay with them till I can get settled into a place in Pueblo. She has shown me a great time eating at local gastro-pubs, going to a farmers market, helping me run errands as I get settled and hiking a trail right near her house in Red Rock Canyon.

Thursday, was my first real day at work and it was a little intimidating because the facilities is one of the nicest ones I have seen. I am working at the outpatient rehab center affiliated with Park West Medical Center.  I am getting to know everyone, and they are all so nice that I no longer feel nervous, but super excited to work there and learn new things.
Next week is my first full week at work and I will have to start planning for my first weekend adventure.