Friday, September 9, 2016

Black Canyon National Park

This Saturday I drove the 4 hours west to Montrose, CO to go explore Black Canyon National Park. It was a beautiful drive through a mountain range and quite a few little towns. I was so surprised that I made it all the way there on a half a tank of gas! I am not sure why gas lasts so much longer out here but the MPG are drastically different.

Anyway, I got there on Saturday afternoon and drove the main road around the park stopping at all the lookouts. It is a very narrow and deep canyon. When I peered over the edge at the look out points the sheer drop make me a little queasy. What was pretty cool, though, was I could hear the river at the bottom rushing by when I was right at the edge, but when I stepped away from the edge the noise would stop. The walls were so steep that you couldn't hear the sound of what was happening in the canyon if you were just a few steps from the edge.

I didn't do any hikes that day, but Sunday morning when I went back into the park the plan was to go down the less traveled road to the river at the bottom and then go hike a couple of the trails in the park. Well, I started on my way early in the morning to try to see the other side of the park... From the bottom of the canyon. As I'm driving I start to see warning signs about steep grades and sharp curves. I'm a little nervous but I keep going. On the way I saw a bear and many deer out for their morning grazing. It was pleasant until I saw the sign for the 16% grade coming up. Yikes. I think the most I've ever seen before was 12%. Still, I keep going. I knew in my head that I was trying to go from the top of this canyon to the bottom on this road, but I did not expect it to be so terrifying. I was in gear 2 and still having to stay in the brakes constantly to make it around the turns while constantly pondering the  fact that my car has been in the shop multiple times recently and that I was going to have to try to get back up this road too if I made it down safely. I hate to say it but my worries got the best of me this time and when I saw the runway car ramp I decided to turn around. There was no one else on the road at this time and so I played it safe. I guess there's a first time for everything. ;)
I was happy and not stressed at all as I hiked the lightly populated trails around the park and enjoyed the beautiful day.

I spent a while that evening at a local coffee shop that was super cute and chill and camped the second night in perfect 60 degree weather.

On Monday, I drove back to Colorado Springs where I met up with Laura to go to an art festival in Manitou springs. We had a lovely afternoon wandering around the festival and checking out the shops in downtown.


  1. Love these photos ivy and so glad you didn't go off that crazy cliff!

  2. Your tale makes me queasy. Need to get a four wheel drive car if you're going to make these kinds of trips. Love the pictures they are amazing.